Wednesday, 20 August 2014

All Things Coming Together.

I've recently just been finishing all the final touches to our new home. I feel such comfort and at peace here, LO seems to love it to.

We have been having a tea party on the terrace, playing on ride alongs and kicking her ball about.

I've had friends over for tea in the evenings and afternoon catch ups, lazy home days where I've just learnt how to knit, and I actually managed to knit a baby bootie! Just need to finish the other one, I do hope it comes out the same size as the other one!

I've also found a lovely, clean and friendly childrens centre, that's got loads of activities going on weekly. Just yesterday we had a session of messy play, and yes we both ended up really messy! Covered in flour, sand, paint and shaving foam. All good fun, and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. It was nice to meet some new mummy friends.

I also start my online university course in October, so I've been busy trying to get ahead. I got sent all my reading and studying material, which included 5 text and study books, masses of CD's and DVD's too! I've been reading up on the first book and it's just so interesting and I can't wait to get studying.

It's a subject that I love, and it's just something to help better myself, be the best that I can be.

We have a charity run teddy bears picnic on Saturday, hopefully weather permitting I'll post up some pictures and a post.

I do hope your enjoying your summer holidays, what have you been up to with the children recently?

Write soon

Lucy x


  1. Hi lucy, nice to see you here! Hmm, what I did for my summer holidays? I guess I didn't have one here for the local schools in Singapore. But some of my friends in the international schools have it and it sure looks exciting for all of them! :)

  2. Hi, do you not have summer holidays in Singapore? What have you been up to with the kiddies in general? What are your favourite activities?

    It's great to hear from you :-)

    Lucy x