Saturday, 9 August 2014

Back To Blog!

 So guys it's been a long time since I lasted posted and I can't apologise enough, but as you can read from my last post we have moved! At last! And yes this is the final permanent move (I flipping hoping so!).

In the last 2.5 years I have moved 9 times! Yes I really have and I'll list them for you incase you don't believe me;

1- From Ashford to Folkestone (early pregnancy problems)

2- From Folkestone back to Ashford (sorted early pregnancy problems)

3- From Ashford to London (lived with family)

4- From london to Horley (temporary accomodation)

5- From Horley to Broadfield (pig hole, but from temp accomadtion to private)

6- From Broadfield to North London (lived with inlaws)

7- From inlaws to another temp accomodation (still in North London)

8- From North London to Beckenham (private rent)

9- From Beckenham to Dartford (permanent house!!)

Ridiculous really but as soon I as fell pregnant with lo we just had problem after problem with housing and work ect but now we feel really positive and are looking forward to a great future!

The area we are in now is perfect, we are so central! Right next to supermarkets, high street, shopping square and two different big town centres! Lovely parks, library, nurserys and schools too.

I've been looking around on Netmums for local toddler classes and found some I'm looking forward to trying out. I'll post more about those. 

I've also caught up with both sides of my family, I spent the day at the Natural History Museum with my dad and brothers, and also celebrated my great Nan's 85th birthday on my mums side. 

Literally for the last seven days I just have not stopped, so for tomorrow it's defiantly going to be a silent Sunday for me!

I thought I'd share some tips and advice on how I moved with lo and how I helped her to get accustomed with her new home;

1- lo stayed with her nanny for three days and three nights, ( the longest I've ever been without her!) if you have family I'd defiantly ask them for some help in watching your lo, it won't be easy to pack, move and unpack with a toddler around your feet, and no food in the fridge.

2- plan ahead! Make a check list of what needs to be packed, and categorise it for each room.

3- book a moving van in advance with dates and times.

4- defrost your fridge and freezer the day before and keep the doors open as it'll smell otherwise.

5- sort through laundry in advance!

6- make sure you can make your child's room set out similar to the one they previously had.

7- once unpacked show your lo each room, show them where everything is and show and tell them about all the new and different things you have.

8- don't ever just leave your child alone in a room they don't know, it might scare them and take longer to settle.

9- surround them with as much similar things you can as possible.

10- enjoy your new home and make lots of new memories.

More updates soon.

Lucy x


  1. Ohh moving is so stressful...i perfectly understand your situation as we are also moving as a family every few years but from one country to another! Greetings from Bahrain!

  2. Wow Marta moving countries must be even more stressful for you! How many children do you have to move with? My grandad used to live out in Bahrain when my dad was little, he and a friend helped build an airport or something. Do you like it there? I hope your feeling a lot settled now :)
    Lucy x

  3. I found your blog on google+ (Add me if you like I like making new friends ) I wanted to say congrats on your permanent home. That is a lot of moves and I can only imagine the stress of it all. Some great tips as well.

  4. Hi mama bear, sorry it's taken me a while to reply. I love making new friends too :-) thank you for taking the time to read my post, yes it has been very stressful but now hopefully we can make new memories and enjoy family life much better :-)