Friday, 22 August 2014

The Big Idea Competition.

This is a special post for an entry for a competition that would fulfil my dreams.

The competition is to tell my story-telling inspirations and a childrens book idea.

To have a read up on what I'm entering please click here;

So here goes....

My little one and I both share a passion for books. The way they feel, the way they smell, and the way they can transport you and your little one in to an entire new world, where adventures are ready to be had.

Sometimes she demands book at me so much that I really do get fed up a bit of re reading the same stories over again, so sometimes I make my own.

Sometimes I draw out characters, and make the story up as I go along. Some of the time I use characters she's well known to from her favourite TV programmes, or some from the books she already loves, but the best ones are the ones that I make up especially for her.

Now the big question is... Where do I get my story-telling inspiration?

Well I literally get them from everywhere! It could be from the mysterious business man next door, who actually is a undercover spy.... Or it could be the magical tea room across the road, where the fairies go for picnics. Sometimes I use my little girl as the character, and use her background for inspiration... (her dad is actually Turkish) and my little girl is a secret Turkish Princess, who owns a beautiful palace filled with gold, luxuries and the biggest play room in the world.

My inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere to create untold of characters from around the world, or even from my own sitting room. The best way of getting my inspirations are from looking at the world from a 2 year olds perspective, and finding the best adventure and story ever.

Lucy Bunn

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