Lammily Doll The Average Sized Barbie

Move over Barbie there’s a new girl on the shelf, and what’s more she’s got normal proportions!

The Lammily Doll whose motto is “Average is beautiful”, represents a normal sized woman and aims to send a healthy message to young girls about appearance.
The doll is the creation by artist Nickolay Lamm, who hit the headlines last year for his normal Barbie.

The Lammily doll has minimal makeup, comfy clothes and doesn’t totter around in high heels. Her body is based on the average 19 year old girl.
There is no other doll on the market like this, the goal of the artist is to introduce this affordable doll which will promote realistic beauty standards. The image of the dolls body targets parents of daughters.

Lamm is also being helped by former vice president of manufacturing at Mattel, Robert Rambaeu, who is helping to find high quality manufacturers to get the doll made to correct standard.

I personally love the look of this doll. As a mother to a daughter it is worrying with what dolls she will play with will result in what she thinks is a perfect way to be. As a young girl myself I always remember believing how beautiful and perfect Barbie was, and wished I could look like her with her gorgeous long blonde hair, perfect trim body with sexy clothes etc. I do not want my little girls mind being ruptured like this.
If you look at the pictures with the Lammily doll and Barbies, Lammily has a much gorgeous bum, and hour glass figure!

If this doll is around when my daughter is a bit bigger I will defiantly buy this for her.
Would you buy this doll for your child?

Cussons Mum&Me Baby Bath To Comfort Snuffles – Product Review.

I was given this Cussons Mum&Me Baby Bath product to review. I hadn’t tried this baby bath before, or heard of it! I do know Cussons&Me are a great brand and supply various ranges, throughout pregnancy, becoming a new mum and for baby also. I personally loved their pregnancy products when I was expecting, I Just HAD to have my Mist Spray and their magic pot of Stretch mark prevention cream.
My daughter has been teething lately and has been suffering with a snuffly nose, so this is a great  time for me to review this particular product.
First thing I noticed with the product was it specifically states on the bottle that;
1.It contains Menthol. Which is the scent that will help to clear snuffles and blocked noses.
2. It is Hypoallergic. Which is super because I’m sure most parents do worry what products to use on their babies skin in case they have a reaction to it.
3. It’s Paediatrician approved. Meaning it must have been tried and tested by the professionals,. This helps to reassure you that this product is of quality and that because it’s been approved then you can trust it.
Once I poured the liquid in to the running bath water I was instantly hit with a mild to strong fragrance of Menthol, but it wasn’t too heavy or overpowering. It was lovely as it wasn’t so overpowering that it would burn or sting your nostrils, but was a perfect amount to open up your airways and get your breath back through your nose. And this was what it was only doing to me, so I could imagine how it would be with my daughter and her stuffed nose!
I swirled my hand in the bath as instructed by the bottle, and instant foamy bubble appeared, my daughter loves her bubbles!
Once the bath water was ready I plonked my daughter in to the Menthol bubblyness. She instantly picked up her pink sponge and sniffed it! Great response! She could defiantly smell the Menthol. I left her to splash and play before I washed her. I did wonder if by washing her normally with her normal was and shampoo whether the menthol would linger in her hair or skin after?
After my daughter had been washed and rinsed I lifted her out and wrapped her snugly in to her towel. I could instantly feel the smoothness that the bubble bath had left on her skin as it was slicker than usual and smooth.
I got her dressed in her pyjamas, the Menthol I noticed hadn’t lingered on her skin or hair, which is lovely as I can’t stand when the smell of mint, tea tree or menthol lingers on you for days etc.
I did notice however the change on my daughters face, her nose was unblocked and her eyes didn’t look as watery. She honestly didn’t have any sniffles or snuffles. It had seemed that the bath had really relaxed and calmed her making her very sleepy. Normally she would play for an extra hour and a half to play, read bedtime stories and drink her milk, but as soon as we were back downstairs she put her dummy in and cuddled her blanket laying down on the settee. It wasn’t 20 minuets before she had drifted off into a calming sleep and didn’t wake up once in the night till 8.00am! I was really surprised and relieved that just this baby bath has helped her to have a decent night sleep instead of waking up with a runny or blocked nose.
I really love this Baby Bath, and it is relieving to know that this product is available as it really does the trick when it comes to helping your baby or child when they are suffering with the snuffles. I was advised by the doctor to sit in the bathroom with a hot tap or shower on and let the steam help clear the mucus, but this is a million times better! I trust this product knowing that it has worked and it has been approved by Pediatricians, and that it hasn’t left my baby red raw or with a skin reaction.
Plus my great gran has been using Cussons since the 60′s!
I would defiantly give this product 5 stars, because of the quality shown.
I can’t find any improvements needed or anything that I would change about this product.
Even my daughters father uses this and has asked me to buy it regularly.
Brilliant baby bath all family round.
Cussons Mum&Me Baby Bath To Comfort Snuffles is sold at any of your local supermarkets, prices may vary.

Asda £3.49 for 300ml (May be subject to change from date given.)

Kiddi Cars

Yesterday I met up with a good friend who I had met through pregnancy. We meet up regularly or at least try too! She has a little boy who is 2 weeks older than Ela is, and they get on as great play mate’s.
We went shopping and was desperate to try out these Kiddi cars you can hire! They were too young before.
They were great, Ela and Jacob absolutely loved them. They wasn’t too heavy, had a great shopping basket under the pushing handle, brakes and a good seat belt too!
They were £8.00 to hire for the day, but when you bring them back they give you a £2.00 discount. They also had a place so you could store your pushchair safely too.
Ela and Jacob were waving and twisting their wheels, they seemed to really enjoy it.
In also found it convenient that there was a place at the front of the shopping basket where you could place your bags, and whilst shopping place everything in the big basket that you wanted!
I was worried that it would be hard for them to sit in it for a long time, in case they wouldn’t be comfortable or couldn’t sit properly but I was wrong, there was no whining or complaining, just smiles and happiness.
Next time I go to Westfield Shopping Centre I would defiantly recommend these!

Annabel Karmel Book Review – Top 100 Meals in Minutes

Yesterday whilst shopping at westfield in stratford I was searching for a baby recipe book. My daughter is now 6 months and eats everything but I struggle to think up nice meals to be able to make and prepare for her.
I came across Annabel Karmel’s 100 Meal in Minutes. I’ve heard of Annabel Karmel and it wasn’t till I realized I’ve actually got a baby record book also written by her.
As I flicked through the pages there was lovely illustrations of what looked like lovely healthy meals and snacks.
I then thought to myself “It will probably have loads of ingredients and preparation etc” but alas I was wrong! They are the most simple recipes to follow with easy and recognizable ingredients!
It also shows what age their suitable for, and if their freezer friendly too!
Annabel Karmel also has other books available that look great!
“New Complete baby and toddler meal planner”
“Top 100 baby purees”
” Top 100 pasta dishes”
” The fussy eaters recipe book”
And much more!
I would give this book 8/10 as it’s easy to read and follow, has great recipe ideas and helpful age and nutrition advice too.
RRP £9.99
*WHSmith’s have a buy one get one half price sale on at the moment too!

*This is my own personal review from my own purchase.

Boots Super Dry Nappy Review

Normally I buy Pampers nappies for my daughter, and weekly I would usually buy 1 big pack for £9.99.
Pampers have been great and have never let me down, but I wanted to try out something different to halve the cost, if you add 10 pound for nappies plus another 10 pound for milk and other bits you have to get weekly for baby it costs a fortune!
So I ventured out and bought a big pack of Boots Baby Super Dry nappies for £4.69, and so far so good!
My daughter went more than 12 hours in one (night time) and there was no leaks, and it didn’t go soft and squidgy like pampers do when the nappy’s full.
It has a cartoon horse on them, and fit really well, they have more of an elastic waist line tab that make it easier to ensure it’s a secure fit.
I also noticed with Pampers is that the actual nappy itself would smell quite chemically, but these Boots nappies do not.
The only thing with the Boots nappies is they seem a bit hard, but this doesn’t seem to affect my daughter in any way, she hasn’t had nappy rash or anything to suggest that because the nappy is harder it is causing any discomfort or symptoms.
So out of 10 I would rate Boots Baby Super Dry nappies 9/10
Good value at £4.69 for a big pack, half price compared to pampers.
A great value range of nappies, with a special highly absorbent core, they’ll keep your babies dry, comfy and happy with every nappy change. And there’s a nappy for every stage as your baby grows – from newborn through to toddler, and out of nappies into pants ready for potty training.
*This Review Is From My Own Personal Purchase

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