Wednesday, 2 July 2014

What's Inside A Mothers Head?

I red a brilliant post on Netmums last week about the goings on inside a mums head.
Loads of people were commenting on what was in theirs for that day and week, it was actually very therapeutic, and I actually sat down and wrote out my own spider notes with what was in my head, and here is what it consisted of;

- Is Ela eating enough?
- I must hoover and wash up
- Must get bread/milk/sugar/ petrol and calpol!
- Need to clean out the fish and the bird
- What do I make for lunch today?
- What do I cook for dinner today?
- Is Ela watching too much TV?
- I need to stick to my slimming world plan!
- Ramadan
- I need to bake more
- Need to find a house to rent in Crayford
- I really want a sewing machine/hair straighteners/new laptop
- I need a pedicure
- I wish I could go to the theatre
- I need to blog more, and write and scrapbook!
- I must give nan a call
- I must give my mother in law a call too, and my dad!
- I must take Ela to a play group

Ah the list is endless really, but writing it all down does feel so much better!

So what's your head right now?!
Comment and let me know.

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