Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Being A Lone Parent Even Though Your In A Relationship?

I know the title doesn't really make it sense, but it feels true for me. I have a lovely partner who's my little girls father, we genuinely never go without a thing we need, but sometimes I really do feel like when it comes to parenting I really am on my own.
I know my other half loves us to bits, but he really just doesn't get the whole responsibility and work of being a parent. After speaking to other mums I'm glad to realise I'm not the only one!

It seems that if your younger parents in a relationship with a child then 8 out of 10 mums do feel like their partners are not stepping up to the plate of parenting.

Mine likes to think that because he works that is his only responsibility and job, and that when he steps in the door he is off and needs to relax!
OK I really do get that he's been on his feet all day, and that he's had to put up with customers all day. I do get it, I remember working long hours too, but hey hang on! I'm still working, even more than I have ever done before! I never get time off, my job is literally 24 hours a day!
I change the nappies
I cook ALL the meals
I do ALL the cleaning, ironing, washing, hoovering, dusting, bed changes and  clean out the pets!
I am the potty trainer!
I am the nurse.
I am possibly the biggest multitask you'll ever meet along with the other full time mums.

I might be having the biggest rant but it's true and I really am not the only one.

When I become ill the whole household comes down in tatters! My partner genuinely doesn't have a clue on how to run the house.

So what can we do to get our partners to turn around and actually understand how much that we mums do and help?

I love my job as a full time mum, and I'm not complaining at all but my point is why does it feel so lonely even  though your in a relationship?

How do you feel about how your partners help you?

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