Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Transition To Toddler Bed Part 2 = Success!

Ok so from my last post, my partner has set up and built the bed (took him a good two hours!), I’ve washed and ironed all the bedding and I aired the mattress for 24 hours! Everything’s all set up and ready!
When all the bedding was made, the bed looked gorgeous! I showed my lo, and let her climb on it and play with her teddies on it. She was due her nap at this time, so she had her comfort blanket and her dummy, I left her to play while I quickly had to pop to the next room, and by the time I had come back, she was asleep! Yes she’d happily fallen asleep on her big girls bed! I was over the moon.

So day time nap was a success! That evening, I made sure that her dinner was on time, that she’d had a nice relaxing bath, and I red her bedtime stories to her whilst she drunk her milk. Then we climbed the stairs together, I put on her lullaby CD and tucked her tightly in to bed. Now here I was a little concerned as now she could defiantly get out of the bed if she wished as there is no bars to stop her! I just prayed that she didn’t realize that!
I gave her a kiss and said goodnight, I placed the baby gate shut on her door, and sat behind the wall (unknown to her!), just in case she did get out of bed or cry.
She did cry for about 10 mins off and on, and I had a few peaks and she was waving her comfort blanket in the air. But eventually after around 20 mins she had fallen asleep.
There was no attempt to get out of bed, or that she probably couldn’t as I’d literally tucked the toddler duvet under the mattress so she couldn’t! hehe!
In the night she did have a little moan, as she couldn’t turn but eventually did, she loves to sleep with her bum in the air. She didn’t fall out, and happily woke up at 7.30am and played with her toys.
A complete success, and a huge relief on my behalf! I thought it was going to be much harder! Not as much as I had thought. Hopefully now this night will carry on like this for the rest of the week and more.

My tips for helping easy in to a toddler bed;
1. In the day make sure the child gets a good look and feel of the bed, let them have a play on it and get a good sense about it.
2. Act like you love the bed, stroke it and say nice things like “Wow look at this lovely bed!”
3. At night make sure they have something to comfort them, read stories in bed, give them a toy, or keep a CD on low for them.
4. Keep a night time routine! This has been crucial for me.

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