Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Transition To Toddler Bed Part 1

My daughter is now 13 months old, normally health visitors suggest bed transition from around 18 months. I did a lot of research regarding early bed transitions, and a huge amount of parents move their toddlers into their big bed from 12 months onwards.
Normally I would of waited, but we have a compact cot and my daughter is tall for her age, she’s just too long for it now. Every time she turns, one of her arms or legs gets stuck in the bars of the cot. So  I have ordered a lovely toddler bed from Ebay, which was a bargain for £68.00, it’s made from MDF and is brand new. It also has a storage drawer underneath.
Tonight will be my daughters first night to sleep in it, so fingers crossed it all goes well! I normally put her in to her cot awake and she falls asleep by herself, but now she can actually get out of bed because there’s no bars to stop her, so that is my only concern. We do however have a baby gate at her door so she won’t be running around in the night or early hours.
I’m going to be doing a follow on post to this, to see and review how the transition goes, and tell you about what I did with her routine etc and what works or doesn’t work with cot to toddler bed transition!

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