Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Lammily Doll The Average Sized Barbie

Move over Barbie there’s a new girl on the shelf, and what’s more she’s got normal proportions!

The Lammily Doll whose motto is “Average is beautiful”, represents a normal sized woman and aims to send a healthy message to young girls about appearance.
The doll is the creation by artist Nickolay Lamm, who hit the headlines last year for his normal Barbie.

The Lammily doll has minimal makeup, comfy clothes and doesn’t totter around in high heels. Her body is based on the average 19 year old girl.
There is no other doll on the market like this, the goal of the artist is to introduce this affordable doll which will promote realistic beauty standards. The image of the dolls body targets parents of daughters.

Lamm is also being helped by former vice president of manufacturing at Mattel, Robert Rambaeu, who is helping to find high quality manufacturers to get the doll made to correct standard.

I personally love the look of this doll. As a mother to a daughter it is worrying with what dolls she will play with will result in what she thinks is a perfect way to be. As a young girl myself I always remember believing how beautiful and perfect Barbie was, and wished I could look like her with her gorgeous long blonde hair, perfect trim body with sexy clothes etc. I do not want my little girls mind being ruptured like this.
If you look at the pictures with the Lammily doll and Barbies, Lammily has a much gorgeous bum, and hour glass figure!

If this doll is around when my daughter is a bit bigger I will defiantly buy this for her.
Would you buy this doll for your child?

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