Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Tips For Surviving Local Selling Pages

Since having my daughter, I joined a couple of sell and swap groups on Facebook as it seems you can get a good old bargain, which of course you can’t beat a bargain.
But with all the page’s I seem to have found that there’s a lot of arguments, people not meeting up when it was confirmed, prices being the same as they are in the shops already etc
Such a shame really as these page’s could be really helpful and resourceful.
I had a bit of a funny comment once, I was looking for a specific item as me and my daughters nan was discussing that she was coming to the suitable age to have it. So I put a post on the page, and I had a lady comment saying she had what I wanted and she messaged me a couple of pictures and we agreed a price, time and meeting point. After a while I came to realise that I actually didn’t have room for this item and it wasn’t the right time to have the item yet, (as I’m expecting to move soon). So I messaged back the seller sending my apologies and why I had to cancel, and all I got was;
I just felt really awkward and uncomfortable.
Luckily I’ve sold a few things and have had good communication and meet ups.
I’ve recently just joined a new group specifically for baby items and all I can see is a lot of arguments and general bitching including the admins
They’ve posted a few strong comments to everyone.
These pages and groups should a place where you come to, to be able to feel comfortable, maybe even have a chat and to seek a bargain. Yet the feeling I get from these pages and groups are all very pushy, bitchy and pressurizing making me feel uncomfortable to inquire about something I’ve seen or am interested in.
So I have some tips to help you survive the swap and sell pages!
1. Only comment or inquire about an item that you’re truly interested in
2. Don’t confirm a meet up then not attend, if there’s a problem contact the seller/buyer ASAP
3. Stand up for yourself and don’t feel under pressure!
4. If selling any items make them reasonable prices, no point in paying RRP prices on things that are second when their the same price new!
5. Be polite! If someone cancels before you’re meet it’s not the end of the world, something must have come up!
6.Enjoy searching for for some banging bargains!

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