Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Perfect Picnics

Ah Picnics, now that the weather is sunny and hot, I walk around the parks and see
families with their  checkered blankets, pretty picnic baskets, flask’s and the smell of fresh warm bread.
As a child I remember getting so excited about having a picnic, even if it was just with my teddy bears.
Even now the word Picnic still makes me excited, it’s such a lovely way of spending a  sunny day with friends or family, to enjoy some fresh air, food and company. It’s a great way for the children to be able to have a kick about, and play games outside.
The first usage of the word Picnic is traced to 1692  Tony Willis the author of, Origines de la Langue Fran├žaise, mentions pique-nique as being of recent origin; it marks the first appearance of the word in print. The term was used to describe a group of people dining in a restaurant who brought their own wine. The concept of a picnic long retained the connotation of a meal to which everyone contributed something.
The word picnic first appeared in English in a letter of the Gallicized Lord Chesterfield in 1748 who associated it with card-playing, drinking and conversation, and may have entered the English language from this French word.
Me and my family went for a Picnic yesterday at a Turkish Cultural festival, and it was gorgeous to have music playing, children’s laugh in the background, yummy food and the beautiful sun beating down on us.
It was such a lovely day to spend together and it creates beautiful memories too.
I wonder whats the best Picnic you’ve ever had? What yummy food did you make and share, who was you you with? and what was the most enjoyable part for you?
Can’t wait for you’re comments

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