Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Silent Sundays

It’s Sunday, the day of the week where most people and families can enjoy a lay in, breakfast in bed and to be allowed to stay in their pj’s all day and enjoy a tasty roast dinner.
Well I say most not for us mums though ay?
For us mum’s Sunday can mean;
Laundry Day
Preparing and cooking the Sunday roast
Washing up after the roast!
House cleaning day
Ironing day  (ready for the week ahead)
And as always keeping the children occupied whilst you’re partner/husband rests up after a hard week at work…
Some people find Sunday’s completely boring, as there’s no shops open and everywhere closes early.
For me Sunday is just another day of the week, living in London the shops and markets are still open and there’s always hustle and bustle about.
When you think back, Sunday’s were meant to be the day for rest (according to the bible) and this is the reason why most shops are closed or shut up early, leaving you time to relax, rest and spend time with you’re family.
But  do people these days still count Sunday as family day anymore?
When I was a bit younger and living at home, Sunday’s where a bit boring but it was a nice way to spend a day with my family. We would watch some classic films, star wars, Disney films, a bit of rocky etc
Then we’d all help to make a dinner for about 1 o’clock, and have a pudding, then sit around together talking and watching telly. A few hours later we’d have tea of sandwiches, cake and some biscuits and then later get everything ready for the week ahead such as, homework, uniforms etc
Sometimes we’d go out for a walk down the beach, or meet up with a nanny and grandad.
Some Sunday’s can be so special and as a mum now I really want to be able to show my Daughter how nice it is to be able to have a family day, just one day of the week. As she get’s to  a teenager she will want to spend less time with me, but if I can create a family day that she can understand and give for just one day a week out of her busy life when she’s older she might end up appreciating family time.
Coming from a split family myself and being a mum, I only now realise how important being apart of a family really is, and I want this for my daughter.
Luckily her fathers culture is very family orientated which I just thrive on and I hope this can be passed on to her.
I now have my own family and it’s up to me and her father to keep the tight knit of family value close to our children.
So Sunday’s, the day for family time and rest.. but still not for us mums.
Here’s some ideas to help keep you’re Sunday’s fun and to have some time to relax for us mums.
Prepare all you’re laundry, ironing and cleaning a day or two before,
Find some fun activites for you and the family to do together, baking, painting, doing homework together, playing a good old board game or just some film fun.
Prepare you’re Sunday lunch the night before so you have everything you need ready.
Go for a walk down you’re local park, farmers market, beach, park. (You could even have you’re Sunday lunch as a picnic)
Enjoy and relax and if you have chores that need doing try to get everyone to help and pull their weight, but make it fun, put on some music to dance to whilst doing it, see who can do it the fastest, or see who can do the most chores before anyone else.
Have a lovely Sunday.


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