Tuesday, 1 July 2014

26 Tasks Before The School Run!

So today I have been reading and hearing this headline, and it is a shocker! My daughter is not yet old enough to go to school yet (and a long way off yet too!) but I can’t imagine doing all those 26 things first thing in the morning!
In a way it is unbelievable as that’s a heck of a lot of multi tasking!! But on the other hand it doesn’t seem to surprise me as it shows how us mum’s are strong, dedicated and skillful. :)
Not too sure if there’s any shortcuts around this, there must be some way us woman can make it easier to get the children ready with a lesser number of tasks surely!
The average mum carries out 26 tasks before the school run in the morning.
A study found the typical mother has to be on top of everything from organizing drinks and snacks, to packing PE kit and ensuring homework is delivered on time.
Other tasks on the daily to-do list include getting the children dressed, making breakfast, making sure the uniform is clean and remembering important dates of things such as eye tests.
Manic Mondays are said to be the toughest day of the week by mums.
70% of mums said they did the tasks single handedly and not getting help form their partner was a source of rows.
On top of the 26 morning tasks, mothers have at least 12 major chores to complete each day, including the school run, planning meals and domestic chores – and that is before any paid employment.
It is estimated it takes six hours and 45 minutes every day just to keep the family ticking over.
The Busy Mum’s Checklist
1. Brushing children’s teeth
2. Having clean uniforms ready
3. Remembering appointments
4. Getting the kids to school on time
5. Keeping on top of dates like classmates’ birthdays
6. Laundry
7. Making children’s breakfast
8. Remember lunch boxes/ dinner money
9. Cooking an evening meal
10. Making sure the cupboards are stocked
11. Getting the children to bed on time
12. Making sure they eat their breakfast
13. Making sure they take a drink to school
14. Ironing
15. Reading homework and preparing for tests
16. Making sure they have a rain coat
17. Remembering P.E. kit and other essentials
18. Remembering permission slips
19. Brushing their children’s hair
20. Making sure they take their homework in to school
21. Putting sun cream on before they go to school
22. Ensuring they’ve gone to the toilet before car trips
23. Making sure the pets are fed
24. Keep on top of uniform and mending if needs be
25. Remembering after-school clubs
26. Keeping on top of daily medications and vitamins

 Read the full article here: Cleaning uniforms, making breakfast and doing the ironing: Mothers carry out 26 different tasks at once on busy school mornings | Mail Online
Are mornings a busy stressful time for you? How many tasks do you have to do to get everyone out of the door and in the right place?

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