Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Inside A Real Mums Makeup Bag

I don't normally tend to do my makeup very often, but sometimes I do it to feel better about myself and to look presentable and not a scruffy worn out mum! I said I tried ;-)
I am also by no means a manic beauty blogger but I've been reading up a few that took my interest, and I see all these fancy and expensive names and what they do with them.
So I basically just wanted to share what a real day to day mum aka myself has inside her makeup bag. Don't be expecting anything too fancy!!!

I have the basics, foundation a mousse like texture. I prefer this as it's easy to just spread on and hide all redness and shininess. I also have a matte powder to help make sure the shiny nose doesn't make it's make it's way through, I must also say I don't use the powder often as I find it makes me have an outbreak of spots.
I have some eye shadow and it has a few different shades to help make the smokey look which I have never ever accomplished!!
Basic eye liner both liquid and pencil. Liquid for tthe top of the eyelid and pencil for the bottom half.
I also have a lovely turquoise pencil for the eyes as I think it's nice for the summer days and compliments my eye colour lovely.
I have one shiny pink pearl lipgloss and a bubblegum pink lipstick.
Most of my products are actually Rimmel! This was no way intentional and I hadn't even noticed until I took the photos for them! You learn something everyday right ;-)
And that is all that lives in my makeup bag! Nice and easy and with which you can make yourself look presentable and preferberly pretty if used correctly!
And that my lovely readers is exactly what is in a real mums makeup bag!


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