Friday, 4 July 2014

The ironing needs to be done, but I would rather just sit here on my bum!

Today has a been house day, I have thoroughly scrubbed the kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedrooms. The fish have been cleaned as has the bird cage! Duvet covers are washed and dried, two more loads of clothes washing have been done too! (White wash and a color wash!)
I have hoovered, dusted and also made lunch and I managed to jump in the shower look presentable and also dress the little one!!
I've spent time reading the same books at least five times over! And also had a game of dolly afternoon tea!
But I'm literally gagging for a real one!!
I have made my lovely sweet tea, and was just about to listen to a bit if LBC radio when what catches my eye?! The huge ironing pile I've been meaning to do since at least 4 days ago!!
Agh! I'm knackered now and really don't want to spend half hour ironing as from 5pm onwards I then have to start dinner!!!
It will have to wait till tonight or at least tomorrow! I know I know the ironing needs to be done! But I would much rather finish my tea and sit on my bum!!!!


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