Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Ela's First Walk

Ela has been walking since she was 10 and a half months old, the day before yesterday I let her hold my hand and we walked literally next door to our local shops together. Whilst in the shop I had to quickly pick up some bread and milk etc, she was so good! She didn’t run away and absolutly loved having a bit of freedom. She was waving and saying hello to everybody that she saw. She didn’t touch or pick up anything but bent down to look and point at all the colourful magazines.
Then after she held my hand and walked back home, she didn’t trip or stumble or try to run away! It was such a proud mummy moment :,-).
I think purchasing some child reins may now be in order!
Also when we got inside, I took off her coat and shoes, and as I turned around she was lying on the floor with her dummy in and cuddling her blanket! Must have been tiring.
So this was Ela Jane walking with mummy for the first time (08.02.2014) 12 months old.

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