Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Best Things Of Being A Mum

So you read blogs, websites, magazines and more about the funny little cliches of being mum i.e Messy House, massive laundry piles, mummy tummy, ponytails etc but I’m not seeing many factors on the feeling of what is really great about being a mum. So here are my favourite things of being a mum;
The beautiful feeling of being pregnant, the first wiggles and kicks.
The constant background noise, it can never make you feel lonely again, and to me is a noise of comfort.
The constant running around, cleaning, preparing food, dressing bathing etc
Knowing that your baby depends on you, that never ending longing for his/her mummy.
The constant flow of love, the way your child laughs at you, follows you trys to copy you etc.
Those special hugs on the sofa, after a bath or after a big tantrum.
When your baby/child falls asleep in your arms or on you.
Seeing your baby/child smile in their sleep.
When they cry for you, and knowing they ONLY want you and no one else.
The first time they look up at you and say mum mum mumma…
When your child splashes you in the bath and screams with delight.
The funny feeling when they start to learnt that pinching your nose, pulling your hair and stealing your glasses are hysterical.
The fun hide and seek game where they’ve hidden the remote control or other object just for you to find.
There is so many more precious and beautiful moments that in everyday life you spend with your children, but don’t forget to always remember them and treasure them.

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