Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Ela At 13 Months

Today Ela is 13 months. How much she has grown in such a short space of time is amazing! It still feels like yesterday that she was born and I was cuddling her in my arms. I still get lovely cuddles but defiantly gone are the baby days! Now we have a little toddler, who has her own character and her own ideas and conception of things!
How she eats;
She has 9 ounces of full fat milk 2 times a day. One after her breakfast and one before bed.
She eats 3 meals a day and 2-3 snacks in between!
Morning; Breakfast of either toast, porridge or eggs. A beaker of milky tea.Then her milk and maybe a “IkiBebe” biscuit. (A Turkish shortbread baby biscuit, it has a lots of calcium in it.)
Afternoon; Lunch normally consists of a soup that I make, or a sticky jam sandwich. A piece of fruit, mainly tangerines as this is Ela’s favourite. And water.
Mid afternoon snack might be a fruit pouch, or a yogurt or bit of tomato, cucumber.
Evening; Dinner, a main meal consisting of meat, veg and potatoes.Sometimes spaghetti pasta. There’s so many dinners I make you’ll have to check out my recipes!
And last of all a pudding, either a petit filous, bananas and custard, angel delight or whatever I have made.
Last but not least another bottle of milk before bed.
She defiantly eats well, much better than me!
How she plays:
Ela plays quite independently now. She loves to stack blocks and cups. Take things out of boxes and bags then put them back in again. She likes to push her walker, and press buttons.
Her favourite is to sit on the sofa and leaf through every page of her books.
If music is played she will join in with a little boogie.
How she sleeps:
I have a great sleep routine with her and always have done from a young age. She will go to bed at around 7.30pm-8.00pm and wake up at 8.00am.
Other things she now does;
She likes to walk by herself in the park. When she sees a picture of a cow or dog she says “moo moo” “woof woof”
She loves seeing other children and making friends! She goes up to the child and says hello.
She eats with her fork by herself, and says finished when its all gone. When her dad comes home from work she says Baba home! She loves to babble on the phone and have a chat with her nans!
I must admit this stage is a lot easier than before with the newborn stage. I actually get time to sleep and eat. We can do fun things together, and she really does make me have a good old laugh! She points to something if she wants it and tries to tell me. She climbs the stairs up and down safely with my supervision.
She’s really changed and grown so well.
In two months time she has another MMR injection and then they will all be done before her school days!

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