Thursday, 17 July 2014

Chicken pox diaries - day 4

Day 4 with chicken pox.

Even more spots have and keep popping up, their quite red now, whereas the water filled spots have now turned cloudy or are scab like.

Lo doesn't seem to be scratching and is generally quite well.
It's very hot here, so I wasn't surprised that she's a bit sweaty at the moment as so am I!

I've noticed she's got some on the inside of her lower lip and that might be why she's got little appetite. She's drinking though with which I'am pleased with.

She ate some homemade soup and j on toast too.

Lo is quite happy playing and doesn't appear to be ill, and her runny nose has cleared up too.

Today was a lovely sunny day and I think lo knew too. She kept grabbing her cardigan and saying "ahum ahum", which means I want to go out in baby language.
So we went in to town and browsed the shops, I treated her to a new book, and we visited the Disney shop to look in to the magic mirror. It was nice to get out and it seemed to put some colour back in to lo's face.

It's quite hard to think of things to do when your child has the chicken pox. So here's my list on what you can do to keep busy (and sane).

- take a stroll around the park/lake this way you'll both get some fresh air and won't be coming in to close contact with anyone else.

- role play
Dress up and play out your favourite books or films, great for the imagination and you'll always end up getting a giggle out of it.

- color, paint and draw
Get creative and make, glue, splodge and draw! Google crafts that you can make.

- bake

Get the children involved to help bake a cake, some biscuits or even dinner.

- Pj day
Why not snuggle up and put both of your fave films on, have some sweet treats and lots of cuddles. It's great for some bonding time.

- Play with every single toy
Make time each day to actually sit and play with your child and each of their toys. You might be suprised on how much there is, and also find toys you've forgotton about. Or even realise you need a good old clean out!

- Classic board games
If your child's old enough, why not bring out some good old board games?

How these tips have helped to help you pass the time. It can seem like you've got cabin fever but it does end... Apparently!

More updates soon.

Lucy x

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