Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Chicken pox diaries 5-6

Hi everyone, I need to do a bit of catching up for you all! It's been a bit of a hectic weekend.

Well lo went to stay with her Nan on Saturday till Sunday evening.

I was able to have a house catch up and sort through some things, and I also got some well needed time to spend with the other half.

We went to the O2 Arena for a spot of lunch, and we did our own small tour of the O2. It's like a little town inside a big tent! Except the buildings aren't real but the shops are... If that makes sense. Like you have numerous restraunts that are real, and their in a fake building. I wonder if they have to pay rent for those?

We then had a ride around on the cable cars, very high but very cool. Not much of a good view though I'll be honest, a lot of the thames and buildings and houses and industrial dirt.

So that was our little date for the day. I think that it's important to try and spend some good quality time with the other half, just to show that your not always raving parents and hard tired out workers.

Anyway back to lo! When we went to go and pick her up, I noticed that her spots had turned in to scabs, she had no temperature and her colouring had come back. She still seemed fussy with her food, not really wanting to eat much, but she was drinking plenty.
On day six though she seemed to turn that around and ate three meals and lots of snacks. It's very pleasing to see her on the mend again.

On day six she seemed a bit frustrated and bored, so I'm guessing she had a bit of cabin fever. I took her to the park, and she absolutely loved it. I could really see her letting off all the steam she had been building up.

I'am still keeping her up topped up with her medicines and creams, and will continue to do so until all her spots have gone.

I know sometimes that they say once you think the spots have cleared new ones will appear, so I'm not giving my hopes up just yet.

Update more soon.

Lucy x

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