Thursday, 17 July 2014

Chicken pox diaries - day 3

Day 3 with chicken pox.

Lo has seemed to lost her appetite today. I made sure she had plenty to drink, as it's do very humid here today. She's also been sleeping more than usual.

We stayed inside and red stories, had a bath, watched some films and played dollies together. 

A lot more spots have appeared on her face, chest/belly, back, bottom, legs/arms and nappy area. Some look red sore and a bit scabby, whilst others are still water filled.

I pray none will scar her 🙏.
I also wonder how long it will take for the scabs to completely go once the virus ends.
By my research it can take a good few weeks!
 I also red about giving lo an oat bath. Apparently you wrap some oats in a Muslim or a thin cloth, and run the water through it, this makes the water cloudy and is meant to be very soothing.

Have you ever tried this? How did it work?

I'll let you know once I grab some oats.

But for now it's piriton and camomile cream.

More updates tomorrow.

Lucy x

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