Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Chicken Pox Diaries - Day 2

A spotty surprise!

So this morning lo woke up with some more spots, a temperature and watery eyes. Basic common cold symptoms.

Again I kept topping her up every 4-5 hours with ibuprofen.
She had her usual breakfast of jam on toast and a cup of milk.

I tried to count her spots but she got upset when I tried to touch them. I was pressing them to make sure they went clear, incase of meningitis, that always scares me!

I booked a gp appointment as I wanted to get it checked 100%, and he confirmed it defiantly was the pox!
He said that the virus can last up to 3 weeks and that lo shouldn't come in to contact with any pregnant ladies.

So we had a quick trip to the pharmacy and stocked up on baby piriton, more ibuprofen  and some camomile cream.

As we got home, lo had a little nap and I made her a fruit smoothie out of bananas and strawberries. She also had a brioche bread loaf, along with some grapes and blueberries. And of course she had a long drink of water, as you must make sure they stay hydrated.

After lunch I did the usual nappy change, and found water filled blisters on the outside of her private parts. Later on the water will become cloudy and then after that the blister will begin to crust, and that's when you'll know that the virus is coming to an end. 
But also the spots can come in waves and clusters.

Below are some pictures of the spots when they first became noticeable.

Ibuprofen, piriton and camomile cream.

All in all lo has seemed fine, we spent the day colouring and watching our favourite programmes cuddled up on the sofa :-)

More updates tomorrow!

Lucy x

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