Tuesday, 1 July 2014

A Thursday Of Soft Play

This post is a memo of Ela enjoying soft play by herself walking, and exploring independently. She loved playing with all the coloured balls, climbing the stairs to slide down the slide, and check herself out in the mirror!

More importantly she was really interactive with the other children that played there too. Funny thing is also that she’s not that interested in children her age or younger but loves playing or talking with older children that can talk. I do wonder about this, and what causes her to be so attracted to the older children. When she does spot babies or toddlers her age she just points and says “Bebek, Bebek.” Which in Turkish means baby.

Soft play is a great way to run off any extra energy for children, but it also teaches them a lot too. Things such as hand eye coordination, balancing skills, and learning how to interact and play with other children nicely like learning to share or take turns.
success These safe environments are ideal for children to play and let off some steam.
success Active play has been proven to help children to develop better physical, social, mental and emotional skills.
success There are lots of fun toys and play equipment to keep children entertained for hours including ball pools, slides, rope bridges, crawl tubes and more.
success Soft play areas are the perfect place for your children to meet new friends and get used to socializing with others practising their communication skills.
success Soft play centres are designed specifically for children and therefore, parents don’t have to worry about how much noise children make!

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