Tuesday, 1 July 2014


My 6 month old daughter is teething terribly at the moment, she seems to be really struggling to sprout those bottom two teeth. I can see the shape of them and the ridges of the top but they will not pop through the gum yet. She’s really agitated, ear pulling, dribbler champion and really whiny, which is very unlike herself. She also gets a temperature quick, has flushed cheeks, and is coughing and producing snail trails from her nose! I was using calpo every 4 hours as stated and using dentinox teething gel but it hasn’t seemed to work. So I went to the Boots pharmacy and have been suggested teething grains, their small sachets of teething powder. I used one earlier and my daughter has seemed to be playing quite contently, hopefully this is my teething answer! But all babies are different.
I’ve got some information, tips and advice about teething here for you.
Your baby’s tooth buds, which formed way back in the second trimester of your pregnancy, should eventually break through his gums at around 6 months. Every baby is different and there’s no need to worry if yours is still toothless on his first birthday! As a rough guide, the usual pattern is:
The bottom front teeth (incisors) appear first. Followed by 4 upper teeth.
At around 12 months, the first molars show, then their pointy canines.
Finally at around 2 years old, the second molars at the back emerge. By the time their all through, your baby will have 20 milk teeth!
Will it hurt?
Some teeth erupt without a problem, while others can cause sleepless nights for the entire family! You can never predict how babies will react to teething.
How do I spot the signs?
You might notice; Increase of drooling (watch out for a rash), your baby chewing on their hands, flushed cheeks, your baby being irritable and wakeful, some baby’s even go off their food and can have tummy upsets.                              
What can help ease the pain?    
Keep some teething rings and toys in the fridge and freezer, offer cool foods such as a stick of cucumber or celery, consider teething gel ,teething powder and some baby medicine. You can visit your local pharmacy for some advice.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Boots Teething pain relief £4.99   Nuby teething keys £3.75

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