Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Boots Super Dry Nappy Review

Normally I buy Pampers nappies for my daughter, and weekly I would usually buy 1 big pack for £9.99.
Pampers have been great and have never let me down, but I wanted to try out something different to halve the cost, if you add 10 pound for nappies plus another 10 pound for milk and other bits you have to get weekly for baby it costs a fortune!
So I ventured out and bought a big pack of Boots Baby Super Dry nappies for £4.69, and so far so good!
My daughter went more than 12 hours in one (night time) and there was no leaks, and it didn’t go soft and squidgy like pampers do when the nappy’s full.
It has a cartoon horse on them, and fit really well, they have more of an elastic waist line tab that make it easier to ensure it’s a secure fit.
I also noticed with Pampers is that the actual nappy itself would smell quite chemically, but these Boots nappies do not.
The only thing with the Boots nappies is they seem a bit hard, but this doesn’t seem to affect my daughter in any way, she hasn’t had nappy rash or anything to suggest that because the nappy is harder it is causing any discomfort or symptoms.
So out of 10 I would rate Boots Baby Super Dry nappies 9/10
Good value at £4.69 for a big pack, half price compared to pampers.
A great value range of nappies, with a special highly absorbent core, they’ll keep your babies dry, comfy and happy with every nappy change. And there’s a nappy for every stage as your baby grows – from newborn through to toddler, and out of nappies into pants ready for potty training.
*This Review Is From My Own Personal Purchase

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