Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Morning Coffee! - Another step into Adulthood.

Sometimes I'm up at the crack of dawn, sometimes up at a reasonable (ish) time too.
 So with every early morning the need to reach for a cup of tea is absolute!
But for some sorry reason the tea just isn't giving me the oomph that I need! So sorry to betray you tea.
So I have found a new cup of magicness! Coffee!!!
Now I hear you all! What's new? Millions upon millions of people drink coffee evey morning!
But unlike most people, I before couldn't stand the bitter, sour taste of coffee! It used to honestly make me gag! But I've learnt to make it in a way that suits my acquired taste. (Really milky). It really is taking effect on me in the mornings, within a few minutes I'm able to open both eyes and get things done with energy! Woohoo!!
So this must be another milestone in my life. It's another step up in to adulthood! I'am now a morning coffee drinker!
Now I'm also quite interested in the things I like to eat and drink, ie where does it come from? How's it produced? And what's the health factors?
 So me being me, I decided to do a small search on coffee.

 Here's 5 interesting facts that I found;

1. Dancing Goats!
Legend has it that Ethiopian Shepards first noticed the effect of caffeine berries, when they saw their goats appearing frisky and dancing after eating coffee berries!

2. Energy balls!
Originally coffee used to be eaten. African tribes used to mix the berries in fat and called them edible energy balls.

3. In 1965 the king of England banned coffee houses, claiming that coffee drinkers would conspire against him.

4. Coffee grows on trees! The beans grow inside a bright red berry!

5. George Washington invented instant coffee!
A Belgium man living in Guatemala by the name of George Washington invented it in 1906!

*note these facts where found from different sources via the internet. Wether they are true or not is not 100%.

How to make my milky coffee.

Pour some milk in to a mug. Microwave for 1min 30secs.
Add 1 teaspoon of instant coffee and stir well.
Add sugar/sweetener to taste.
Magical milky coffee!!!

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