Friday, 11 July 2014

A looming afternoon

Today has been a rainy miserable day.
I've actually had to put the heating on! Yes the heating is on in the near middle of July! Ridiculous. But hey this is England!
Little one has a bit of a cold right now, so she was happy to watch some cartoons and look through her books and play nicely.
I on the other hand have been feeling so blugh! and bored! I hate rain. Infact I hate anything that falls from the sky.
So I have been watching vlogs on the internet on how to make loom bands, and other loom creations!
Bringing out my creative inner child.
I made a care bear ( supposedly but his legs were too short!)
An anchor ( looks more like something that lives in a pair of mens trousers! ;))
And a pretty flower (quite pleased with this one!)

It's been a looming afternoon, and a fun way to pass some time.

What creations have you made with looms?

Well it's now 5.00pm (or was by the time I've written this.)
This can only mean it's time to prepare the dinner! I'm sure this time comes quicker and quicker each day!
It's one of the most hardest decisions of my life! To think up what I will make for dinner!

What do you plan for your evening meals?
I've now decided on a chicken and veg casserole, with pasta (I've run out of rice!)

Have a lovely evening.
Lucy x

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