Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Buggy Wars

Not sure about anyone else but I’m getting so frustrated with the way people treat parents with their prams/buggies!
Walking down the high street at a medium pace trying to get to where I need to go, and I end up getting pushed to the side, buggy whacked or have to have a mad heart attack with an emergency stop just because some careless person decides to just stop in front of you, right bang in the middle of the path, which then leads to the people behind me scraping the skin off the back of my heel!! And its me who ends up receiving all the tuts and glares!
And trying to get on a bus just blows my mind! Some people think that its perfectly fine to place their HUGE suitcase/shopping trolley/bikes, in the place where wheelchair users and buggies go. When I’m steering in the direction to park my buggy the people just look at me as if to say “Well my things were there first.” whats more important, a suitcase or a baby?! Oh and don’t get me started on a busy bus, people seem to think that its perfectly fine to be able to lean on your pushchair! I actually had someone lean their butt on it that much my handle bars clicked upwards! (luckily the buttons to push it back down were ok) but they just have no consideration! If that had broken how on earth could I pay for a new one??
And another one, I’m waiting patiently at the pedestrian crossing, waiting for the green man to light and I get people who are trying to push and squeeze past me, making my pushchair nearly go into the road! So now if i get a “AHEM” I turn and say “Sorry I’m not going to push my pushchair into the road just so you can get through, you’ll have to wait till it’s safe to go”, you should see the looks I get for that! But come on, common sense??
Sad to say that these days nobody has no consideration for anyone else but themselves.
 June 28th 2013.

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