Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Handmade Felt Tree Decorations

So last week we went on a Hobby Craft haul!  I was in the mood to get crafty and make some homemade Xmas decorations. So we purchased;

Different colored felt

Googly eyes

PVA glue

Toy stuffing



Craft Storage box!

And obviously I added what we had at home to it too!

I'm thinking of doing my first Vlog to show you the contents of my craft box! I've started collecting since this year, so it's not completely full yet, but it might give people some inspiration and ideas on what they could put in theirs or start one if they wanted to.

I also got LO a cheap Xmas coloring book to keep her busy whilst I did the fiddly bits.

So basically if you have any Xmas character in mind, such as; a reindeer, elf, Santa Clause, snow man, Xmas tree, or even some pretty hearts, draw a stencil of it on the back side of your felt piece. I folded my felt in half so that when I cut out my shape I would have two shapes the same.

For my Xmas tree I sewed half way along the top and left a gap at the bottom, and turned it right side out, this was so that I could stuff it to make a 3d shape. Then after I sewed up the bottom, and decorated with, glitter, googly eyes etc.

It's the same to make a 2d shape, except you don't need an extra piece of felt so you can just get on decorating!

Once I'd finished, I cut out some ribbon, folded it in half and glued it to the top of my decoration and then left to dry. This way it'll be ready to pop on to you r tree!

Quite simply really ;-)

I'd love to see and hear about your homemade decs!

Lucy x

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