Saturday, 20 September 2014

Creative Stations and Birthday Celebrations.

Hello everybody, it's been a while since my last post now, but I've been up to a good few things.

Hasn't the weather changed recently?! It's not yet cold, but is dark and miserable, come 7.30pm it's dark! Soon it shall be Autumn, my favourite time of the year! I love the smell of the damp, dry and crunchy leaves. The rich colours of reds, yellows, oranges and browns. Acorns and conkers, bonfire night, and Halloween! So much to look forward too.

So since my last post (or during my last post even), I have taught myself how to knit! I absolutely love it. I have made two bobble hats, three pairs of baby booties and am currently in the middle of making a woolly body warmer for LO. It's been a super way of getting creative, I've managed to collect some fabulous wool for a good bargain!

Also I got given as a birthday present a super duper sewing machine! I have wanted one for so long! I have been practising my stitches and getting used to knowing how to use the machine. I made a lined zipper bag as my first project, and also had a massive Hobby Craft haul! Actually I was thinking of doing my first ever v-log for this, as I got some brilliant bargains, on fabric, pins, elastic, buttons, beads, thread etc.

 Lets see how that goes shall we?

So lots of creativity flowing around me at the moment!

I also celebrated my 21st birthday on the 16th! I was very well treated and enjoyed spending time with friends and family. Beautiful cakes, perfume, jewellery boxes, gold, money, sewing machine, champagne and much more.

LO has improved on her speech, she's now copying words that you say directly to her, and she's also learning to use both of her languages for the one thing she needs/wants. We have been attending most of the play groups at the children's centre, now that it's opened for term. We have also been going to the family craft afternoons at hobby craft every two weeks. She made a papermache piggy bank last time, and she loved every second!

We have been up to Danson Park, a very big place with a splash park, play park, restaurants and gardens and also a boating lake with ducks. She has been picking up the fallen leaves, saying hello to the squirrels and running me mad.

So this has been my kind of blog catch up, I'll be posting more if I decide to brave it and try out a v-log! I'm hoping all you lovely readers are well and happy, and I wish you all a lovely weekend!

Lucy x

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