Thursday, 28 August 2014

Finding Who You Are After Becoming A Mum

I've come to a point in my life now that my LO has reached a year and a half, and what I've realised is that I have finally found my true self since becoming a mum.

It might sound a bit fuddy duddy so to speak, but me falling pregnant at the young age of 18 and having my LO at 19, I just felt like I was literally caught up in a massive whirlwind. The life that I had once known is now a life I can vaguely remember.

I had just left collage to go and work full time, I had and have always had family problems whilst at school, and it seemed like I was only just finding my feet when suddenly life decided to pull the carpet (and floor), from beneath me.

I have never once felt an ounce of regret from having my beautiful child, as I'm a big believer that things happen for a reason. And life has given me full living proof of that.

From where I am now to where I was nearly two years ago, I would never in my life of thought how far I would come to now, and how far I will keep going.

You see since becoming a mum it has absolutely turned my world upside down and around, and it seems whilst in that mad whirl wind I have found who I am.

I've proven to myself and others just how strong I can cope and handle any situation given to me.
I have grown up in myself, and I know how to manage responsibilities.

From two years ago I was a college drop out, and working at a fast food restaurant, to now being a full time young, healthy and happy mum, a supportive partner, a university student, a freelance writer and blogger, and not forgetting the jobs that come with being a mum! I.e. cook, cleaner, nurse, maid, no days off etc etc

I wouldn't change a thing in my life, even if I was ever offered a million pounds!

I've learnt a hell of a lot from becoming a mum, and I couldn't be happier with who I am. I think it's important that every mother and woman can come to a point like this in their life, and learn to find who they really are. Their not just a mum, or a wife, or a worker. They are worth a million times more, and they should feel proud of themselves, and embrace and enjoy finding the path to their own self love and happiness.

I wonder if anyone else feels the same as I do? Have you found your true self since becoming a mum?

Lucy x


  1. Great to read your story and inspirational to those who have had the opposite experience.

  2. Thank you Jill, becoming a mother can have so many twists and turns, and each woman handles it differently. It's how you handle those situations that make you the person you are today.

    Lucy x

  3. Recently I've been thinking the exact same thing! I had my daughter whilst I was free and party mad at university and since then my life has changed so much I would hate to go back to that old life, it isn't truly me. I always knew it wasn't but becoming a mum made me realise it.. My daughter is now also one and a half so maybe that's the age when it hits us!! Well done you! X

  4. You're a strong and determined woman, well done to you! I was working in a well paid, but not particularly rewarding finance job before I had my triplets and then my whole world just turned upside down for the better. I am now a stay at home mum and honestly couldn't be happier, but I know the prospect of work will be looming soon as the boys will go to pre-school. I have no clue what I want to do with my working life and the thought of having to re-discover myself all over again is rather daunting! x

  5. Thank you ladies for your comments, they mean so much to me.

    Lucy x