Sunday, 13 July 2014

Second hand children's clothes - your thoughts please

I got given some lovely hand me downs for my lo yesterday, and have used hand me downs and second hand clothes since lo was born!
After reading through some parenting blogs and talking to other parents before, there's sometimes a real controversy between using second hand clothing on children.

What are your thoughts? Do you mind your children wearing second hand or hand me down clothes?

If I get given some hand me downs or spot second hand children's clothing that are in good condition, then I would happily accept them and let my lo wear them. It's environmentally friendly, it helps people who are in need and let's be honest how many times has your child worn the same outfit?

Let me know your thoughts. Please check out the new weekly poll, now posted on the blog :-)

Lucy x


  1. I don't see the problem. It saves you some money as clothes can get pricey and for the length of time they wear them it makes sense. Like you say you're not putting them in grotty holey clothes. Xx

  2. I think anyone who turns them down is insane. My 3rd child was 9lb6 at birth and only 17lbs at 1 year, so she was straight in 3-6 months and at 1 year still in 6-9 months. Aside from her none of our children have had hardly any wear out of their baby clothes, and if they weren't kept for the next one, they were passed on. As they get bigger they wear out certain stuff, but it's generally the most expensive that are still pristine when they've grown out of it. It's almost criminal to not get more use from these items :D

  3. Like you said, as long as they are in good condition there is no problem. We were literally given a huge bag full of baby clothes that helped us through many months. I also wash and give away clothes that no longer fit bubba too .... Obviously 'saving' more of the special ones I can't let go of for the next baby. Whenever that is :)

  4. I'm glad you all agree, I think it's a great way economical wise, it can really help other people who are in need, and just save you money in general :-) and as we all know, you have to buy new outfits for your child at least every three months! They just grow so quick :-)